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Controlled access:

Once you specify who can access your records, we will take the appropriate steps to provide those employees with as much or as little access as you desire. Authorization lists and physical security systems help ensure that your instructions are followed and your information is protected.

Climate Controlled Environment:

Some information requires special climate controls that can be costly and difficult to implement. Our special climate-controlled environments provide complete protection- saving you time, money and aggravation.

Protection Against Disasters:

Fires, earthquakes and floods can virtually wipe out years of important and confidential information. Prolonged power outages and loss of internet connectivity can rob your business of needed cash flow. Your business can't afford those losses. Our facilities are designed with these concerns in mind to provide you with the ultimate protection.

Disaster Planning:

Should the worst happen, a comprehensive disaster plan can help you move quickly to recover important information. We can help you develop a disaster plan that prepares you for a full recovery.

Business Service

Deep Seven offers more than storage facilities. We offer a variety of professional services, including pickup, delivery, inventory, retrieval, storage, imaging, data archiving, business continuity and destruction. Our goal: to make your information easy to access and easy to use.

Resource Conservation

Managing important and confidential information can be a significant drain on your staff resources. We'll manage your information so your staff can focus on core business issues.

Cost Cutting

Using expensive office space to store records? Tying up your assets with a special warehouse and expensive storage equipment? Deep Seven will solve those problems.

10 Questions Everyone Should Ask About Information Management Services

Before choosing a professional to handle your company's information management needs, ask these important questions

  1. Can I access information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year?
  2. Are your employees required to sign confidentiality agreements?
  3. Do you allow employees to smoke on the premises? What measures do you take to protect information in the event of a fire?
  4. Can I review and photocopy documents onsite? How large is the client viewing area? Are there any time or volume limits?
  5. Are your magnetic media storage facilities and transportation vehicles climate controlled?
  6. What is your normal turn-around time for pickup and delivery? Are emergency delivery services available?
  7. What security measures control access to the building and ensure my confidential information is protected?
  8. What type of inventory tracking system do you have in place?
  9. Does your facility have measures in place to protect my company's information against damage from natural disasters, such as earthquakes and flood?
  10. If my information needs to be destroyed, what's the process?