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The recycling of plastic is something that everyone knows they need to do, but, many times, is such a hassle that they do not.  Plastic recycling rates stand substantially far behind other materials such as aluminum and paper.  Not only does it require extra physical effort, it requires mentally keeping track of what plastics can and can't be recycled.  Efforts to codify and identify different types of plastic haven't been easy to understand, or noticeably successful, to the populace at large.

However, despite the difficulty, plastic recycling is more important than ever.  The staggering number of products created using plastic, and potentially recycled plastic includes everything from bags, containers, utensils, to computers, furniture, and even cars.  Plastic is a material that sees increased use every year, which also means that the amount of plastic ending up in landfills increases with every year.  The production of new, virgin plastic is a drain on the energy and natural resources of the nation, and leaves vast stretches of space in landfills piled up with plastic that could have, and should have, been recycled.  It takes 60% less energy to recycle plastic than it does to manufacture new material.

Deep Seven is here to make plastic recycling easier for your company than ever before.   Companies, worldwide, are bringing environmentally friendly practices into their mission statements and industry goals.  As a business you understand supply and demand, and currently the demand for recycled plastics exceed, by a large margin, the available supply.

Logistically, we are already coming to your business for the important and sensitive documents that you need destroyed or stored, so it requires very little extra effort for your company to recycle plastic.  We will leave a plastic recycling bin at your location, and pick it up when we come to get the paper or aluminum items, making Deep Seven your one stop solution. We will accept any of the plastics, regardless of recycling code.  So fill up that recycling bin and let us do the hard work and contribute to the global effort of sustainability.