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"We switched to Deep Seven Archive & Shred because they offered a lower price. Their service has been excellent."

Chris Crofts
Aesthetica Medical Spa

"Deep Seven Archive & Shred does a great job for us."

Sherry Nelson
Brent Brown Toyota

"At year's end we had a lot of confidential documents that needed to be shredded, so our security containers were really full. I called Deep Seven Archive & Shred and they were here within 30 minutes. We've been very impressed with their customer service."

"Our last shredding company was located in Salt Lake and sometimes it was hard to get immediate service from them. Deep Seven Archive & Shred offers better service at a better price."

Jeanette Jensen
Utah National Parks Council, Orem Utah

"We switched from our office shredder to Deep Seven Archive & Shred's on-going service to improve our information security. We just call when we need them. They've been great!"

Sherilyn Frost
American Fork High School

"We used to use another shredding company, but we switched to Deep Seven Archive & Shred because of their shredding and recycling process. They shred everything, then wet it, cube it and recycle it onto toilet tissue and other products. It's both environmentally conscious and more secure, because there's no way to reassemble the shredded paper."

Natalie Rich
Easton Technical Products

"We were using our office shredders so often we'd have to buy a new one every year. Just the cost of one new shredder alone is comparable to what we now pay for our on-going shredding service. Deep Seven Archive & Shred is a much better option."

Spenser Snyder
Dry Creek Pharmacy

"The driver from Deep Seven Archive & Shred's is very friendly and he does a great job."

Amy Posey
Miller Wade Group

"We like Deep Seven Archive & Shred because they shred everything right here, on-site. They're in and out quickly. They're dependable and they've been really good to work with."

"We've called Deep Seven Archive & Shred twice to come out for special pickups and its gone well. They've been really good to work with."

Ila Mueller
Savas Greene & Co.

"We used to use an office shredder, but the quantity of documents we had to shred was just too much. Deep Seven Archive & Shred's service is a lot easier and we feel confident that everything is getting shredded."

Advantage Management
Jason Sucher

"Our old shredding company had their customer service call center in Canada and we wanted to work with a local company. We switched to Deep Seven Archive & Shred with their monthly service and it's been working quite well."

Kathy Alvey
Powder River Inc.

"Using Deep Seven Archive & Shred saves us a lot of time, because we don't have to do any shredding any more. We just drop the documents into the bin and they come and pick everything up."

Trina Searle
Mountain View Dental

"We chose Deep Seven Archive & Shred because they offered a lower price and they gave us a free trial to see if we liked the service before we made a commitment."

Elena Phillips

"We feel safer knowing that no one is going to get our confidential information."

"The shredding service has been really good. If our bins aren't full and we don't need Deep Seven Archive & Shred to pick up yet, all we have to do is call to let them know."

Tracie Gledhill
Professional Physical Therapy

"It's nice to take the confidential information that needs to be destroyed and just dump it in the bins, so we don't have to worry about it."

Britini Bandley
Richards & Duckworth, PC

"As a real estate company we have a lot of transaction files that need to be kept confidential. With Deep Seven Archive & Shred we have peace of mind knowing that this information is being securely shredded and we're not exposing our clients to identity theft."

Marlan Platt
Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate

"We chose Deep Seven Archive & Shred because they offered a lower price. Since making the transition from the other shredding company about a year ago, we haven't had any problems. Their service has been great."

Spenser Goo
Young Family Dental

"We used to have a small shredder at every work station and we'd have to shred everything ourselves. It became cumbersome and time-consuming. Now we just put it in the bin and we know it's taken care of. Plus, if someone accidentally throws a document into the bin that they shouldn't have, we can unlock the bin and get it out."

Jeff Withers
J & A Accounting

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