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Financial documents contain some of the most delicate information possible. If your company is financially based, it is crucial that you effectively store your documents to ensure the safety and security of your patrons. While this can be done on site, the most secure and unpredictable place is an offsite location with no additional affiliation to your business. It's possible that you're stressing a bit here, wondering where and how you'll safely store your documents offsite. If this is this case, there's no need to fret. In fact, there are facilities that store your documents in the safest, most secure way possible ready to help you out. This is where Deep Seven's services come in.

Our Storage Solutions

Here at Deep Seven, our document storage solutions are second to none! We offer a completely safe and secure environment for documents of varying content and levels of importance. Some of our facility features include:

·       Climate Control:

Keeping your documents like new is important to us! Our facilities are climate controlled to accommodate sensitive materials.

·       Protection:

You documents can rest easy in the safest place possible. They'll be completely protected from natural disasters of all severity levels.

·       Planning

Should a disaster occur, our team will have a comprehensive plan in place for complete recovery.

·       Control

You say who has access, we make sure your documents are accordingly accessible. No one will get into your storage without your approval.

·       Business Assistance

A variety of other services will also be available to you. These include pickup and delivery, inventory checks, data archiving, shredding, and more!

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