Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Do you shred on-site?

Yes, all shredding can done at your site in one of our mobile shredding trucks. All materials will be destroyed before we leave. Off-site shredding is also available if needed.

What can we put in the containers?

We will shred any color or type of paper even binded material. Paper clips, staples, fasteners, binders, folders, and rubber bands are ok also.

Do you provide containers for on-going service?

Yes. One of our representatives can recommend the appropriate type,size and number of containers to meet your needs. Containers are equipped with built in locks to insure your records remain confidential until they are ready to be shred. Please contact us to see if you qualify for a free locked security container.

How often do you pick-up?

You can set up a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, yearly, bi-yearly, or a one-time purge, pick-ups are determined by your volume and needs.

Do you provide a certificate of destruction?

Yes, we provide a certificate of destruction at the time of each service so you know all documents collected on you site were a destroyed in a secure and confidential manner.

Can we witness our material being destroyed?

Yes, seeing is believing, all of our on-site trucks are equipped with on board camera for viewing.

What's the cost?

Our cost is determined by the volume of material and frequency of service. Please call or E-mail us for a quote.

We have files stored but we need to go through them and see what needs to be destroyed, what would you recommend?

We can drop-off a secure locked bin or bins with wheels. When your ready call us to schedule a pick-up.

Can we keep our boxes?

Yes, just let the driver know at the time of service. We can leave your boxes for you or break them down and place them in a dumpster. Box removal is also available.

How long will will this take?

Shredding trucks can shred about 200 standard file boxes per hour not including collection or clean up time.