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Record Storage for Construction Companies

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Construction companies handle a lot of important documents on a day to day basis. Although many of these documents can now be stored digitally thanks to advances in modern technology, there are still some that require a hard copy due to the sensitive nature of their content. These often include building certificates, contracts, licenses, etc. If you have yet to implement a solid system for secure record storage in your construction company, the thought of having all of these documents laying around can be a bit scary - and for good reason! Rather than continue to fret over the security of the documents your company needs to stay in business, get proactive and make a plan! Start getting organized today to ensure the most secure storage of your documents possible. This requires two main components:

·       Complete Security

We know what you're thinking, "this is too obvious". Unfortunately, it's not entirely obvious to most company owners. Every detail must be covered to ensure complete security of your documents. From location, to key holders, to your filing system, everything must be thought out to protect your company and yourself.

·       Proper Surveillance

To back up your secure storage system, you'll need effective surveillance to catch any potential discrepancies. The great news is that small business monitoring is simpler and more affordable than it has ever been before. Check out your options, then install a few cameras around your office and job sites.

At some point, you'll no longer need to keep some of these records and will need to dispose of them. Disposing of your documents securely is crucial. This is where a professional shredder comes into play. Their services help you ensure a completely secure disposal process. For more information on professional shredding services from Deep Seven, reach out to a representative via our contact page