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Record Storage Management for Car Dealerships

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Keeping an effective record of each transaction your business makes is crucial to its future success. While this holds true for a company of any sort, proper record keeping is especially important for car dealership managers and owners. Customers often need documentation of purchases for financial and tax purposes after the final sale has been made. Although most things are best stored digitally in this day and age, certain documents like contracts and other legal materials can be tricky to deal with as they typically require a hard copy. This is where the importance of effective record storage comes in. Check out our 3 tips for safely storing important records at your dealership!

1.     Find a secure spot

This is a given, however, many business owners seem to think that a spot is secure when in reality it's a fairly vulnerable place for secure docs. Have the documents turned into one spot, then relocate them to keep the number of employees with knowledge of their whereabouts to a minimum.


2.     Lock them up

Don't be too quick to hand over keys to the place where you keep these docs. Keep them yourself if your dealership is smaller, or leave them with a long-term, trusted employee if this isn't possible.


3.     Add Surveillance

Small business surveillance cameras are now more affordable than ever! Invest in a set of cameras to keep around your secure spot to ensure that things run smoothly as documents are retrieved.


Those are just a few quick tips for keeping your dealership records safe as you store them! When it comes time to dispose of these records, security will be equally as important. Enlist the help of a professional record disposal service provider to ensure that no important information is left behind! Give us a call at 801-717-4000 or reach out via our contact page to schedule a time to have your documents effectively disposed of!