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Recycling is kind of a buzzword that is tossed around, by just about everyone, at some point.  It's one of those things that we know we need to do "for the environment".  It's one of those things that we just don't do because it has traditionally not felt very convenient. Deep Seven is here to solve that problem. 

Let's talk aluminum.

Aluminum is, to many, an almost magical substance.  It has a huge variety of uses and benefits.  It is extremely resistant to corrosion, and lightweight, and its impact on plant and animal life is quite low.  One of the widely known, but little recognized, facts about aluminum, and more pertinent to our current subject, is that it is 100% recyclable and fully sustainable.  In other words aluminum is an infinitely recyclable and sustainable material. Recycling aluminum has created an entire job industry in of its own.  Despite aluminum being a wonder-metal, it still takes energy and work to manufacture new aluminum.  However, recycling aluminum is 90-95% more efficient than making new material making it a clear winner for businesses, individuals, and the environment.

As part of a global effort to control the human impact on our home businesses, worldwide, are including goals towards sustainability and low-impact life into their business plans, and mission statements.  Not only does this cost the world less in terms of waste and energy, but it has great value for that business as well.  This effort has been a staggering success, and nearly all forward-looking companies are moving toward doing this.  Just about 40 percent of the aluminum in North America is recycled.

This brings us back, better informed now, to the subject of convenience.  Deep Seven offers aluminum recycling to any of our paper shredding clients.  You already need your sensitive documents protected and/or destroyed, and the world needs your aluminum recycled.  We will leave a bin at each of our clients' facilities, and you can fill it right on up with your soda cans and we will come pick it up from you.  It couldn't be easier or more convenient.